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The Ficcare Maximas Leaf finish is a new, stunning, classic and beautiful pattern. It resembles the gold foil leaf that is used on luxurious food.  It's designed to secure all your hair and look effortless at the same time. The gold is plated on 18K gold and the silver is sterling silver plated. 


Depending on volume and thickness of your hair, select the appropriate size and you can do half updos to full updos like the French Twist and Bun.  Each clip comes with a free “how to use instructional brochure." The Maximas Clip is Patented under US D454,657

Maximas Leaf Collection

  • Color/Metal Base Finish: Gold or Silver Foil Leaf

    Measurements: Small: 3.5", Medium: 4.5", Large: 5"

    Metal Base: Brass (18k Gold plated or Sterling Silver plated)



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