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Ficcare Press


Ficcare accessories have been featured in over 100 top fashion magazines in the US, Canada, and all over Europe! Here is a glimpse at some of our coolest features.

Ficcare in Harper's Bazaar
Ficcare in Harper's Bazaar
Ficcare in InStyle Magazine
Ficcare in Elle Magazine
Ficcare in Marie Claire
Ficcare in InStyle Magazine


Hollywood's biggest stars have been wearing Ficcare accessories since 1997!  Our first debut into Hollywood was this little comedy show called Friends.  Yup, that's where you probably first saw our accessories being worn by Jennifer, Courtney and Lisa.  Since then, our accessories have been worn by many celebrities like Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, Felicity Huffman, Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Kate Heigl, Minnie Driver, Kate Beckingsale and Christina Applegate. Here is a just a glimpse of our most recent Ficcare "outings" in Hollywood.   So don't forget to tune in & watch Ficcare in action!

Sandra Oh in Killing Eve
Brides Maids
Sandra Bullock in Sideways
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