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The Ficcarissimo "Strike It Gold" Collection is finally here. Also comes in the Extra Large size that holds a lot more hair.  You get to choose from these amazing finishes: Golden Ivory, Golden Scarlet Red, Golden Juicy Pink, Golden Petrol Green, Golden Opal, Golden Navy Blue and Golden Black (all on gold base clip). 


Note: Some may wonder why we brought the XL size instead of the Large size and the simple answer is that customers have been asking for a much bigger clip. So we decided to redesign and create a bigger Ficcarissimo Clip. This XL size is slightly bigger than our original Large size; so rather than calling it Large, we just named it X-Large. We hope you love it.


The Ficcarissimo Clips are designed to secure and look effortless on your hair from half updos to full updos.  Each clip comes with a Free “how to use instructional brochure." 

For hairstyling instructions & choosing a size, please check our FAQ pages.

Ficcarissimo "Strike It Gold"

  • Color/Metal Base Finish: Golden Ivory/Gold, Golden Scarlet Red/Gold, Golden Juicy Pink/Gold, Golden Petrol Green/Gold, Golden Opal/Gold, Golden Navy Blue/Gold and Golden Black/Gold. 

    Measurements: Small: 3.5", Medium: 4.5", Extra-Large: 5.5"

    Metal Base: Brass (Plated in 18k gold)

    Paint: Enamel

    Hand-made and Hand-painted


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