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The Ficcarissimo Besties Collection includes our new Extra Large size that holds a lot more hair.  So if you have long and volumous hair, this is the perfect clip for you. And you also get to choose from our Best Selling colors: Gold Matte, Silver Matte, Iceberg Blue, Sea Green, Blush, Breezy Pink, Sand, Stone and Black.


Note: Most of the best-selling colors of the Small and Medium size Ficcarissimo Clips have been available before in other collections and for convenience, we've included them all together here in the Besties Collection. Some may wonder why we brought the XL size instead of the Large size and the simple answer is that customers have been asking for a much bigger clip. So we decided to redesign and create a bigger Ficcarissimo Clip. This XL size is slightly bigger than our original Large size; so rather than calling it Large, we just named it X-Large. We hope you love it.


The Ficcarissimo Clips are designed to secure and look effortless on your hair from half updos to full updos.  Each clip comes with a Free “how to use instructional brochure." 

For hairstyling instructions & choosing a size, please check our FAQ pages.

Ficcarissimo Besties

  • Color/Metal Base Finish: Gold Matte, Silver Matte, Blush/Gold, Breezy Pink/Gold, Iceberg Blue/Gold, Sea Green/Gold, Sand/Gold, Stone/Gold &  Black/Gold

    Measurements: Small: 3.5", Medium: 4.5", Extra-Large: 5.5"

    Metal Base: Brass (Plated in 18k gold)

    Paint: Enamel

    Hand-made and Hand-painted


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