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What do you get when you mix the two best-selling clips Maximas and Beak?  You get the SUPER CLIP! It's strong and powerful enough to hold everything and more. Its sleek design plus with it's super strong grip, it will hold most updos with ease and looking simply fabulous. Its classic shape and matte finish can be worn all year around for an amazing feel and look. Available in 3 sizes.


Super Clip Mattes

  • Color/Metal Base Finish: Gold Matte and Silver Matte


    Small 4 1/4" or 10.8 cm in length

    Medium: 6 1/5" or 13 cm in length

    Large: 6 1/2" or 14.5 cm in lenth

    Metal Base: Brass (18k Gold  and silver plated)

    Hand-made and Hand-painted


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