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In collaboration with Mrs. President & Co., the POWER CLIP now comes in 5 new finishes in the Luminous Jewel Tone Collection. They are all hand-painted on gold plated metal. This patented hair clip is shaped to resemble an infinity symbol. Its design elegantly curves around the top for a comfortable feel while featuring a strong spring for a secure grip.


Available in Small and Medium sizes. Small size is recommended for fine to medium thickness hair while the medium size is recommended for medium to thick tresses.

Power Clip Luminous

  • Color/Metal Base Finish: Citrine/Gold, Coral/Gold, Pink Turmaline/Gold, Peridot/Gold and Sapphire/Gold.

    Measurements: Small: 3.75", Medium: 4.25"

    Metal Base: Brass (18k Gold plated)

    Paint: Jewel Tone

    Hand-made and Hand-painted


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