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The Mini-Maximas Strike It Gold Collection are hand-painted with strokes of gold through-out the top of the enamel for a stunning finish. It comes in Golden Ivory, Golden Scarlet Red, Golden Juicy Pink, Golden Opal, Golden Petrol Green, Golden Navy and Golden Black. Both available in the ORIGINAL and LARGE size. If you have volumous hair and need a bigger mini-maximas to clip your bangs, the LARGE size is perfect for you. Sold as a pair.

Mini-Maximas Strike It Gold

  • Color/Metal Base Finish: Golden Ivory/Gold, Golden Scarlet Red/Gold, Golden Juicy Pink/Gold, Golden Petrol Green/Gold, Golden Opal/Gold, Golden Navy Blue/Gold and Golden Black/Gold. 

    Measurements: Original Mini-Max: 2"; Large Mini-Maximas: 2.5"

    Metal Base: Gold Plated in 18k gold

    Paint: Enamel

    Hand-made and Hand-painted


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