The New Ficcarissimo Victorian Glittery Gold Clip is all about bling and getting ready for that special day or hot date.  Depending on volume and thickness of your hair, select the Small or Medium size and you can do half updos to full updos like the French Twist and Bun.  Each clip comes with a free “how to use instructional brochure." 

For hairstyling instructions and choosing a size, please check our FAQ pages.

Ficcarissimo Gatsby

  • Color/Metal Base Finish: Glittery Clear w/Gold, Glittery Black Diamond w/Gold, Glittery Jet Black w/Gold, Glittery Clear w/Silver, Glittery Black Diamond w/Silver and Glittery Jet Black w/Silver

    Measurements: Small: 3.5", Medium: 4.5" (2 sizes only)

    Metal Base: Brass (18k Gold plated or Silver plated) w/Swarovski Crystals