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The Ficcare Modern Art Chignon Stick now comes in the Strike It Gold finish where every golden stroke is hand painted by artisans. They come in Golden Juicy Pink, Golden Scarlet Red, Golden Petrol Green, Golden Opal, Golden Ivory, Golden Navy Blue and Golden Black. The chignon hold your updos in place looking super futuristic and stylish. 

Modern Art Chignon Strike It Gold

  • Color/Metal Base Finish: Golden Ivory/Gold, Golden Scarlet Red/Gold, Golden Juicy Pink/Gold, Golden Petrol Green/Gold, Golden Opal/Gold, Golden Navy Blue/Gold and Golden Black/Gold.

    Measurements: Length 5", Width at the Top 1", Functional prong length: 3 3/4"

    Metal Base: Brass (18k Gold)

    Hand-made and hand-painted


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